responses from SSC chairs

What do Specialist Groups want from CGSG?

During the SSC leaders meeting we asked the chairs of Species Specialist groups how CGSG could best serve their needs. For this we developed a short questionnaire with a couple of questions. Until now we got 38 responses back – thanks to all of you.

Out of 38, 34 Specialist groups are using genetic information and only 4 have not done so yet. This illustrates nicely that genetics matters across taxa and is valued within many specialist groups.


A total of 25 groups actually have already commissioned genetic studies within their taxonomic range.

However, it seems that geneticist are not always giving the answers needed. In ~ 40% of the cases the responses were seen as not problem-based. This is definitely something which could be improved in the future.

How can CGSG help SSC groups?

There has been a enormous interest in linking genetic specialists within the groups to CGSG in order to facilitate exchange among often isolated experts to a larger conservation genetics community. Another important point was CGSG giving advice on a range of more specific requests (such as e.g. the taxonomic status of species or if we are dealing with different conservation units). Some groups also ask for more specific contacts when it comes to laboratory work and surely CGSG will help to establish contacts for genetic studies.

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